User Centered Prototyping, ID301I
Assignment: Design project - Prototype development in early stages

Link to Padlet (in swedish)
Integrated digital prototype (click on the image to the left to open).
This prototype was developed through iterative work with sketches, paper and digital prototypes alongside user-testing. To view the process click here to check out the Padlet for this assignment (the padlet is in swedish).

Created in Illustrator & InVision.
Assignment: Methods and techniques for prototype development

Link to Prototype 2 - "look-and-feel" 
Prototype 2 is no longer available to view due to changes at InVision. 
Prototype 1: Exploring the "role"-aspects of prototype development (click on the image to the right to open). 
In order to explore what role a possible digital artefact can have in a users life I developed one design idea to evaluate the concept and identify user requirements.

Created in Adobe XD.
This prototype is no longer available to view due to changes at InVision. 
Prototype 2: Exploring the "look-and-feel"-aspects of prototype development (this prototype is no longer available to view due to changes at InVision).
In order to explore how a possible digital artefact can "look-and-feel" I developed one design idea to explore its design more detailed. It was then revised after user-testing revealed a more clear home page was needed.

Created in Illustrator & InVision.
Assignment: Design a digital artefact for a specific user context
I did a shorter user  centered study of a consultants work communication during a pandemic. Then I designed a concept for a digital artefact that has the goal of making it easier for individuals to navigate among and keep track of different communication channels independent of how many companies or organizations the individual works with.

Created in Illustrator.
Assignment: Shorter user centered study of a specific user context.
I did a shorter user centered study of how working out has changed in the wake of a pandemic. Then I developed a concept for a digital artefact to make it easier for individuals to choose a work out based on a decided goal no matter where you work out.
Assignment: User Centered Design
Design modification proposal based on user and user context.
Hand sketch: numbers to be shown in 3x3 view due to everyday occurrence of this particular view, like a calculator. This can make it easier or faster for the player to find the numbers.
Digital sketch: to have access to choose game difficulty at the start page so you can start a new game faster if you don't want to resume.
Grafisk Design: Tryck, GD415F
Assignment: Brochure
 Had a range of different specifications of how much and what type of content needed to be included in the brochure. If I could've chosen I would've gone for a less is more approach in information, maybe even added pages to break it up more.

I would've loved if the text was created and proofed by medical professionals so it could be a usable brochure. As of right now it is not. It is just an idea of what patients might like to receive when diagnosed or even when this type of diagnosis is discussed as a possibility.

Before creating the brochure, I sketch out things like layout or illustration ideas.
Here are some of them.
For this brochure I decided to challenge myself and use illustrations - something I wasn't very comfortable with at the time. I felt the need to spend time in this area to develop this skill more. I was surprised that I could use my photography interest in a way to understand shadows and depth more to create these illustrations. 

Click here to view the brochure.

Illustrations created in Illustrator. 
Brochure created in InDesign.

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