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In case you were interested, I thought I would present my own logo.
I created it based on my old logo, presented below.
The first part of the logo looks like a C and the thought is that the design in it represents a shutter. 
The second part is supposed to create a O with the first part and looks like a sail. It represents that I like solving problems that can arise and capturing moments that can change so quickly. 
The three ropes in the sail can represents my background in media and communications, digital design and software development. They can also represent my work in UX/UI Design, Graphic Design and Photography. 
An old version logo of mine, created during a course at Högskolan Kristianstad.
With my initials I created a logo that reminded me of those letters and sails.
I sketched on a few logo ideas and the one that went on to become the finished logo was the one they had an idea on from the beginning. If it feels right, it's right!

The idea is that the looping lines represent that they connect people.
Kyrkbackens Lantgård
Created a logo for Kyrkbackens Lantgård. 
Sketched several different versions, some of these are presented below.
Fight For Women
I volunteered to help design a logo for the charity organization Fight For Women, this was the result.
The idea behind the logo, without text, is that it represents two letter F and one letter W to stand for FFW, Fight For Women.
STABEN 18/19
Created a year specific logo based on that year's theme.
New logotype created in collaboration with Datateknologsektionens Art Director and all of Donna 16/17 project group to better match the student sections new graphic profile.

A year specific logo was also created based on it.
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