Work  UX/UI Design
iOS Get Started Carousel Experience
iOS get started experience with an animated carousel of product benefits
A Memorisely weekly Figma prototype challenge
Coming soon...
Svenska Bilsportförbundet
Developers are currently working on implementing my designs.
Coming soon​​​​​​​...
Hotel Diplomat & Villa Dagmar
Created solutions for a more user friendly and accessible navigation experience by adding a book your stay bar and updating their navigation bar, hamburger menu, book a meeting room form and footer. Based on observation of user behavior. 
I am in the process of refreshing the prototypes.
These solutions may not yet be implemented.

Created mobile app intro-slides.
Created new designs of the website for desktop & mobile based on new brand guidelines for developers to follow.

Course Work
Created wireframes and different levels and types of prototypes based on different methods of UX research.
As we often had very limited time to complete these assignments the time to create the actual designs were not enough to test them out and refine them. If I had made these in Figma with a simple design system in place I would have possibly had time to work on the details that are bothering me a little more such as accessibility and sizes of icons and text. At the time though I was very happy to have managed to create some sort of design to present. 
Coming soon...

Other Work

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